Before Using

  1. Check to make sure all welds are secure.

  2. Make sure all nuts and bolts are secured properly -- tighten as needed.

  3. Perform maintenance checks on your engine as described in your engine manual.

  4. Check to make sure brakes are in working condition -- replace worn parts.

  5. Check to make sure the spring throttle return is working properly -- repair before using.

  6. Always wear a helmet.

  7. Adult supervision is ALWAYS required.

  8. Put a bright colored flag on your go-kart to help others see you.

  9. Be aware of local regulations or laws.

  10. Stay OFF all public streets.

  11. Use your go-kart in the day time only when there is adequate light for safe driving.

  12. Be aware of the driver's capabilities. Do NOT allow anyone to ride the go-kart who has  not been trained on it's proper usage.

We cannot be held responsible for the qualify of weld used on the go-kart frame. The welding should be performed by a trained welder. No liability can be assumed by us for any frame design other than those specified on this site. Please get the help of an expert to verify and check your work.

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