Front Wheel/Steering Assembly

Figure 3 and Table 3 show a suggested steering assembly. The basic components needed for a steering system are a steering wheel, steering shaft, tie rods, and spindle axles with brackets.
Spindle axles are mounted to the front wheels to allow the wheels to spin freely and pivot for steering. The brackets are used to mount the spindle axles to the go-kart frame. A pin is then inserted through both the bracket and the spindle axle to couple the two pieces together and allow the wheel to pivot.
Tie rods connect the steering shaft to the spindle axles. If your steering shaft is centered, as in figure 3, then two tie rods of equal length are needed. To make your steering shaft off-center, use two fie rods of different length. In either case, be sure the two lengths added together fit your go-kart frame.
The steering shaft connects the steering wheel to the fie rods and transfers the turning force from the steering wheel to the fie rods. Be sure the bolt pattern on the steering shaft hub and the steering wheel match, and be sure the tie rods are secured to both the steering shaft and the spindle axles.
Figure 3 shows wheels with bearings built in. If you use a wheel without bearings (a four-bolt pattern for example) be sure to use a hub with bearings (Item #138292). Also, be aware of the spindle diameter, hub or wheel size, and how these parts are secured (keyways, bolt pattern, etc.).
Another frame design consideration is how far apart your front and rear axles should be. For a go-kart that responds very quickly when the steering wheel is moved, the ratio of length between front and rear axles-to-width between front wheels should be about 1..5:1. For steering that is not as sensitive that' ratio should be about 2:1. For example, the distance between the front and rear axles on the one-person go-kart plan is 46 inches, and the width between front wheels is about 24 inches, these numbers give a ratio of 1.9:1 (46/24=1.9). Design your go-kart to your desired tastes and also to the driver's capabilities. Remember, always keep safety in mind!



Item #



1 1330  4" Wheel w/ 3/4" Bearings 2
2 13891  Right Spindle Axle & Bracket 1
3 13811  11" Tie Rob Kit 2
4 1389  Left Spindle Axle & Bracket 1
5 13814  22" Steering Shaft & Hub Kit 1
6 13825  12" Competition Steering Wheel 1

Table 3


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